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Leica D-LUX4 vs Panasonic LX3?

好吧,其实年前曾经动过买LX3的念头…… leica D-Lux4($699)和Panasonic LX3($399),硬件规格一模一样的两个相机,价格却将近差了一倍,区别何在呢? google一番后,发现一些参考资料: 首先是David Fakas,一位资深Leica Dealer,他在去年9月份photokina的这篇Blog里面提到: This is a serious compact camera for photographers. The camera ships with Capture One v4 software which allows RAW file processing. Interestingly, the Panasonic LX3’s RAW files are actually different and are … Continue reading

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Leica D-Lux4 开箱照片

用E71晚上灯光下照得,效果好不了,凑合看吧 [singlepic id=357 w=500 h= float=] 包装盒 [singlepic id=359 w=500 h= float=] 上层是几本各国语言说明书

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