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经常出差的人肯定碰到过行李“丢失”事件,一般来说在你和航空公司投诉后,不久你的行李就会被送到你的酒店,但是总有那么一些人出于某种原因“放弃”了他们的行李,那么这些没有主人认领的行李去了哪里呢?答案是航空公司会把他们拍卖。有的人买了这些无人认领的行李箱,比如http://www.isthisyourluggage.com/这个网站的拥有者,把箱子里面的物件一一拍照放到网上,为什么呢?“I GO TO THESE AUCTIONS AND BUY THE CASES SO I CAN PHOTOGRAPH THEM FOR MY WEIRD VOYEURISTIC PASSION.” 写到这里我都有点浑身难受了。。。那为什么还要做这么个网站?“THE REASON FOR THE WEB SITE? I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO TRY TO FIND THE PEOPLE WHO OWN MY SUITCASES, SO … Continue reading

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