Leica D-LUX4 vs Panasonic LX3?


leica D-Lux4($699)和Panasonic LX3($399),硬件规格一模一样的两个相机,价格却将近差了一倍,区别何在呢?


首先是David Fakas,一位资深Leica Dealer,他在去年9月份photokina的这篇Blog里面提到:

This is a serious compact camera for photographers. The camera ships with Capture One v4 software which allows RAW file processing. Interestingly, the Panasonic LX3’s RAW files are actually different and are not supported in C1. So, the differences go beyond skin deep between these compact camera cousins. Sure, you get a longer, 2 year warranty with the D-Lux 4, nicer styling, better accessories, and a completely different menu system, but there are differences in the image processing as well, even for the RAW files. In the past, only the JPG output was different. Well, it would appear that Leica is getting more say in the design process now as this camera feels much more suited to the Leica shooter.




The case is, of course, beautifully made. Many have asked whether the old D-Lux 3 case will accommodate the D-Lux 4, and the answer is no. The D-Lux 4 is larger and will not fit. Also, if you use the accessory grip, the case will not fit either. The good news is the strap is vastly improved. It is now wider with a grippy material on the underside to prevent slipping off of your shoulder.


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