hitachi 79光驱破解步骤翻译以及视频



1. Unrar the file

2. Burn the CD Image, I used ImgBurn….

3. Put 79 in Mode B
使79光驱进入mode B,可以用live cd,有的电源板也有这个功能。

3. Insert the CD in the 79 and play the track, wait for it to finish…

4. Then press play again and straight away pause it, you should hear some noise

5. Eject the disk, using the eject button not the PC ( it does something different)

6. Run the the command in a command window
79Unlock h
// where h is the drive letter of the 79
在命令行模式下运行 79unlock h,h是79的盘符

7. If all went well bit 4 of (0x5BD) should be set and the drive should be unlocked

8. Drive will dump and flash with Toolbox…

9. This is a tempory unlock, (0x5BD) is in RAM and would need to be done each time you power the drive, although I’ve posted how to by pass this with the drive unlocked with a passkey…..

10. Has not been extensively tested but worked on 6 drives to day so far…

Thanks to OggyUK, mp3boy, Antman1 with the testing…. Also RKO Pheonix needs a mention as he unwittingly leant his 360 to Oggy today…. and Seventhson for the help early on and his fabulous blog

Let me say a big thank you, and great job!

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