New firmware for live coming soon?


(04:05:56) (c4eva) iXtreme Online fw to comein future, only for new/unbanned boxes, thats all for now
(04:09:40) (c4eva) no details on how its done


Quote from: garyopa on Today at 12:28:22PM
It is true, but some major points:

#1: Dont ask for ETA – (timeframe)
#2: Forgot about UNBAN – (efuses,encryption) – Just buy anotherconsole
#3: Dont ask about features, drive support – It may or may not bethe same as before.

And LAST, “Welcome to the new LIVE”

You will all just have to get used to the FACTthat M$ WILL and HAVE done changes,
nothing you can do will take you BACK-IN-TIME, enjoy the YEAR offun you had.



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