Wii的第三个直读,PS3 HDLoader确认!

在继之前的WiiNja和CycloWiz 后,第三块Wii直读芯片: WiiKey公布,它的性能如下:
 Fully upgradable via DVD/disc (future proof,expect cool features tocome) (可以升级,好!)
 Direct boot of Wii backups (like originals)
 Direct boot of GC backups (like originals)
 Boots different region GC games/backups
 Boots different NTSC region Wii games/backups(全区实现!)
 Supportsmulti-disc games
 Supports DVD-R and DVD+R
 Built-in audio fix (for games using streaming, nopatch required)
 Stealth mode
 4 wires & quick solder interface
 Compact design, best quality components, rocksolid high speed controller
 Professional ESD packing
另外据ps3news.com报道,PS3 iSO Loader确认发布!
FERROX v1.0 PS3 iSO Loader video released!
Dever naoneo has released a video of her FERROX v1.0 PS3 iSOLoader today. In the video she states “this works on all Firmwareversions” (and implies there is a security vulnerability in thePS3s Hyper visor) which would be welcomed news to many PS3 ownersif so. Obviously until such a thing is publically available thevideo is for entertainment purposes only, however, as naoneo is aknown homebrew Dev it may very well be authentic indeed.

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